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14 years ago


Another Season has come around and the team is back on Samothrace! This year we have a few new additions. We are joined by Becky, a fine arts and art history student at Emory University, and Kyle, our digital expert. We all just arrived here a couple of days ago after traveling from California to Alexandroupolis, all in one day. What a trip!

After spending a relaxing day in the seaside city of Alexandroupolis, we took the ferry to Samothrace. We were met at the dock by Professor McCredie and Amy Sowder, now a professor at Towson University. Happy to be back on the beautiful island, we all rode to the site with our windows down, taking in the views. After climbing Mt. Fengari last year, the mountains seemed even more inviting, while the beaches were in high demand because of the heat. After a few encounters with very large spiders, we all got down to the beach for a quick swim before heading off to one of the island’s best restaurants, ‘The Walnut Trees,’ up in the foothills near Ano Meria.

Today was the first time I had gone up to the site since we got here. Still as iconic as ever, I walked around the site remembering all the survey work of last season. I am so happy to be back for another season on this amazing island and I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated on the adventures that are soon to come!

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