From Fragment to 3D Model

by administrator
14 years ago

I am working on the 3D model of the ruins here at Samothrace and I thought I’d write about how we get from the fragments to the completed 3D model. As an example I picked the anta capital on the Dedication of Phillip III and Alexander IV.
It all starts with the fragments of the the building that are found on the site.

1 Dedication Ante fragment

Fragment of the anta capital from the Dedication

Architects from our team then make a scaled  reconstruction of what the profile of the complete anta capital would be.
2 ante outline

I trace this in Lightwave 3D and make it into a complete 3D anta capital.

3 ante 3d

I then use a reconstruction of the complete building to place it properly in the rest of the 3D model.

4 P&A_Section

5 ante 3d placed

Once it is placed correctly, I give it a texture (based on photos of blocks from the site).

6 ante close

The anta capital in the Dedication.

7 Dedication of Phillip and Alexander

The whole Dedication of Phillip III and Alexander IV

See 3D walk-throughs the reconstruction at

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