The Excavation Team for 2012

by administrator
12 years ago


This is the middle of the second week of the excavation. Right now we are at the peak prevalence of people associated with the excavation team: the former site director, Mr. McCredie, and his wife, the current site director, Bonna Wescoat, and her daughter, the glass conservator (Steve Koob), 2 Harvard-associated architects, 2 NYU and 1 Emory students working in the conservation lab, 1 Princeton, 1 NYU, and 1 Emory students working on archaeology, and me. So we posed for a group picture this morning:



Wait, was that a goat herd running by?


A short time after this photo, Steve left to return to his home in Corning, NY, and I will leave tomorrow morning. On the other hand, Steve’s and my places will be taken this weekend by Michael Page, a geographer from Emory, and his wife. And Steve will return in 2 weeks to finish the seasonAfter that people start to trickle out around July 20, although 2 more Emory students also arrive then. The excavation officially closes on August 6.

Alas, I have other responsibilities in Atlanta that require my attention and attendance, so I must be off.

More later!

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