Therma Waterfalls

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15 years ago


Usually we know where we are going but this time was a little different. Hugh, Sarah, Jake, and I got dropped off at a town close to the waterfalls. As you may remember we went on trip before to another set of waterfalls, but as we soon found out this hike was quite different. Once we got to the heart of town we weren’t sure which road to take so we did what, at the time we thought was best, and went up and up and up! Soon we were on a very dry dirt road with no sign of fresh water anywhere. Finally, we stopped and mulled over our situation. We found a nice tree to eat lunch under with a panoramic view of the Aegean. After lunch we decided to head back to town and try a different road. We got back to town and luckily Jake, a surveyor at the site, knew Greek and got directions to the waterfalls, which were in the opposite direction that we had been traveling. So we finally got on our way. The walk was pleasant, especially since we were kept cool in the shade of many trees. To get to the waterfalls you have to hike up a forest filled with boulders. We trekked up and over many of these massive rocks and saw many families enjoying the falls. After passing about three falls that were filled with people we finally found one that was relatively empty. We dumped our stuff and dove into the freezing water, which was unbelievably refreshing after our long hike. We dove off of overhanging rocks, chilled in the waterfall, and skipped rocks over the still water. We explored the surrounding area and found that there were beautiful falls farther up but all of us loved ours.
As the sun started to descend from the sky, we figured it was time to head back to the hostel, so we packed up our things and headed home. If you ever plan to come to Samothrace you must go to these falls. The water is fresh, the scenery is beautiful and the workout is amazing.

We are about to go on a two-day trip to climb mount Fengari! We will tell you all about it when we get back as well as give you all the pictures fro the waterfalls.


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